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Want a custom website optimised for SEO and mobile access?

Our design team can create an innovative and effective website to help grow your business and achieve your online goals. We specialise in simple, no-frills sites that effectively communicate with substance. We don't use web tricks just to show off, while sacrificing useful content.
We understand condominiums, and the importance of a website as a communications tool between the Board and the Residents.

Let us design the perfect website, custom-tailored to your condominium. We can host it, and update the content for you.
We know how confusing web hosting can be, with all the technical options. We can host any website we design on our fast servers, and provide additional options such as email addresses, domain names, and SSL certificates.

We install and configure your site, and give you a unique-to-the-industry turn-key package — we look after all the under-the-hood details.
We also offer a maintenance and operations package tailored to your needs.

We can look after updating your site's infrastructure, as well as routine posting and content updates so you can concentrate on the things you do well.


We have a combined experience creating websites of almost 30 years.

We are skilled at HTML5, CSS, and the Bootstrap responsive framework for page layout, the PHP programming language for server-side scripts, and JavaScript and jQuery for client-side scripting.

We understand how to create MySQL database applications.

We provide wire-frames, mockups, and prototypes of your site for approval at various stages of the design process. If this is a re-design, we carry out all new design work offline, then, when it's ready, activate it — so that your existing site is never dark or “under construction.”
The most effective communications tool for a condominium is a well-designed website.

Residents should be able to easily find:
  • the by-laws & rules, plus the current fees & budget;
  • who's on the Board, and how to contact them;
  • a Residents Directory;
  • Financial Reports & board minutes.
They should also have access to communications tools such as an email address for the Board and one for the Administrator, plus forms to register a problem or complaint, to submit a request for a renovation to their unit, or to reserve the pool or a meeting room.

Our extensive condo experience allows us to design the perfect site for your condo, and our “no worries” package means that you don't need to know anything about updating a website — we take care of everything, including posting notices to residents, as well as adding the current versions of all of your documents.
We are well versed in the subtleties and complexities of the Wordpress platform, including hooks, filters, and actions (you don't need to know what these are — they let us customise your site beyond anything a regular theme provides).

We also know when to use Wordpress, and when not to.

For example, it is a perfect choice for an e-commerce site or a blog, but is a poor choice for an informational site (because it is unnecessarily bloated and restrictive for this application).
Want to sell your products online?

We can design a well-integrated and customised eCommerce store based on the award-winning Woocommerce plugin for Wordpress.

We can customise the look and feel of your store to match your existing website. We can help you integrate your new store into your Facebook page.


We can custom-design your informational, condo, or eCommerce site.

For any site we design, we can provide ready-to-go hosting (including domain names). We can also provide a “no worries” operations and maintenance package to update your content for you.

Why not contact us for a quote? Our services are more affordable than you might think.